Bonsai Tips and Advice 

Watering Tips
  • Sit your pot on carpet or newspaper. This wil provide a heat barrier to concrete or bricks and also help keep moisture at the base of your plant.

  • Cover your pot (not tree) with a towel to prevent over heating of the roots and soil, especially on days when temperatures reach 35-40 degrees C. Cut the towel to a size that will hang over the sides of the pot. Cut a hole in the centre of the towel and then slipover the tree to lie on top of the soil. Keep watering up as normal.

  • It is crucial that your bonsai receives water up to twice a day in hot weather . At least every second day make sure you “DEEP WATER”.

  • As the Japanese say, “First for the pot, second for the soil, and third for the tree”.


Olive Tree Care
  • If you find small white dots on the leaves of your Olive tree, it indicates an excess of calcium or a salt build up.

  • If you see a build up of a white substance (salt or Calcium) on around the drainage holes of your pot you tree badly needs repotting. This will apply to all trees.


Spraying for Pests
  • If left untenderd, pests can easily kill your bonsai. Take care to check junipers for mites by "roughing up" the folliage and checking if small, white, dandruff like powder falling from the folliage, another common pest is scale of ficus, these will look like small black blobs stuck too the foliage and bark. When spraying your trees with pesticides, ALWAYS spray in the cool of the evening. Never spray when the temperature is above 30 degrees celcius or is likely to shock the tree potentially killing it.


Foliage Feeding
  • Always spray in the early morning to get maxiumum benefit.


  • During summer, slow release fertilising cakes will provide all needs for your trees to maintain good health and growth for 6 months, applied in spring and autumn. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers during this time as the harsh sun can easily burn any new tender shoots.

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