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With the arrival of hot summer days, the frequency of watering increases. Not only hot sun but also hot wind dries out the pots very quickly. Things that dictate the amount of watering. Position of your plant, and size of your pot. The smaller and shallower the pot, the more frequently watering is required. It is imperative to protect your plants from the hot afternoon sun and winds.


Another major factor in your watering is the type of soil mix you use. In our nursery we planted some maples in Acadama mix – 7 parts Acadama, 3 parts gravel and 2 parts fine decomposed pine bark). This requires less watering and after a spell of hot weather the plants are still lush and green without sight of any burnt leaves. However, our Maples that are in Bonsai soil mix have our average summer problem of scorched leaves. You can keep cutting off the scorched leaves as it will encourage new growth.


Another problem we have is WA is our low humidity. · Put under your pot a wet piece of carpet, Sunday Times paper or a tray full of gravel and keep that moist. This will increase the humidity and keep your pots from overheating.

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