Jobs for February

As the hot summer continues, make sure you keep watering your Bonsai plants. On the hot days, water two maybe even 3 times a day, making sure the water runs out of the bottom draining holes It is time to repot and work with tropical species.



Ficus can be repotted and defoliated. After defoliating figs, make sure you give them a lot of sun when buds start to emerge. Maybe even full sun. This will ensure the new leaves become much smaller. If you keep your defoliated fig in a shady spot the leaves will regrow the same size or even bigger that the original and you defeat the purpose of defoliating.



It is time to repot your bougainvillea and give them a light trim. Cut off all the old flowers (brats) to energize new growth and flowering.



Turn your bonsai pot 180 degrees to encourage equal sun penetration and healthy foliage grown all around your plant. It is a good idea at this time of the year to water your plants, over foliage and soil, every week or two with a solution of kelp or seaweed solution.


As the very hot weather continues keep the towel cover over the pot.


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